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The Colored

Creole | African | Jazz

The group "The Colored"  true to its roots from Biguine Jazz. A multicultural mix of musicians that gives meaning to the band .

The basic formation includes five musicians: Hervé Hartock Drums, Rachelle Jeanty Voice /Percussion, Daniel Stawinski piano/keyboard, Checho Gomez E-Bass and Tanja Becker Trombone. Groovy like Zouk, Biguine and Mazurka, Soul and Funk; Newly arranged standards and personal compositions, melodic and rhythmic at the same time, inspire listening and dancing.

This music is an invitation to dance and travel in colorful soundscapes.


The Black

For a few years I have been playing as a drummer in the group The Black Heritage.

The BLACK HERITAGE group was founded by Kera Mfa  in the early 1990s in Berlin. The Band has performed in the United States and Europe.

The music offers an exciting mix of original compositions, in genres ranging from African Diaspora  as well as world music.

Special information about the group

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