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Saxophone Player

The First Creole Jazz Playalong available
For the following Instruments
treble clef, E flat, B flat, bass clef, DRUMS

The titles :

Ba mwen an Tibo
Asi Paré
Asi Plaj La
Guadeloupe Martinique
Parfum des îles
Mi bel Jouné
Politiciens tous menteurs


I invite you to discover jazz Creole standards. Melodies swaying and impregnated with traditional West Indian rhythms.
Buy your first standard Creole jazz music play-along featuring seven tracks.

The following pieces are quoted from the transcriptions of Jean-claude Gaspaldi "les Standards créoles" vol.1 and 2 at Editions Jasor

Parfum des îles (Edouard Pajaniandy)
Mi Bel Jouné (Al Lirvat)
Asi Plaj-la (Gaby Siarras)
The following pieces are quoted from the transcriptions (AmaC-ODM) - School of Music
Actuelles de Guyane/The French West Indies Realbook
A si paré (L. Gabriel/A. Stellio )
Ba mwen an Tibo (DP /Madras)
The following pieces were composed by Hervé Hartock all rights reserved
Guadeloupe Martinique (Herve Hartock)
Politiciens tous menteurs (Hervé Hartock)
Hervé Hartock: Drums, Production and Transcriptions
David Fackere: Piano, Arranging, Mixing, Mastering, Bass Programming.
Sylvain Joseph: Alto Saxophon
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