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I discovered drums at the age of 15 thanks to my brother, Max Hartock. Self-taught from the beginning, I finally wanted to acquire more technique by taking private lessons and I finally joined the France Percussion studio music school in Paris.

The battery has entered my daily life. I then took part in jazz workshops, studied musicology at

the University of Paris 8, learned theory, harmony, composition and piano.

I played in various formations of groups like rock, pop, French song, funk, reggae and jazz. 

Over time I specialized in jazz, world music and Caribbean rhythms.


My experiences and musical influences are therefore very varied. My Caribbean roots from Martinique have increasingly influenced my musical interest.

I have been teaching drums and saxophone for a few years in different music schools in Berlin.

In 2004, I moved to Berlin, where I deepened and enriched my practice for the instrument. In Berlin, I discovered another city, another musical culture that allowed me to continue to develop and mature in music, in order to strengthen my self-confidence. Thanks to this process of affirmation of myself, I was able to access a different musical level

Here is a selection of musicians I have played with: Mfa Kera & Black Heritage, Mike Russell, Thibault Falk, Christian Schanz, Jean-Paul Bourrelly, Kenny Wesley, Enrico Perez, Ramani Krishna, Gilbert Diop, Arcadius Didavi, Andy Galore, Lameck Macaba, Claudel Atride




Mariah Carey

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